Our services include:


Web Design / Development

You did not come to this website by chance, but rather because of the way we designed it.

Genesis Design is a web design company that understands what search engines like Google
prefer in terms of web architecture, code structure and content layout to achieve the best result
in search engines.

We can offer cheap instant web design solutions and do from time to time, but we specialise
in providing the complete website design or website revamp for the client that understands the
true value of putting in that extra effort in creating a valuable online marketing platform.


Web hosting service allows the individuals and the organizations to provide the space to showcase
their websites via the World Wide Web, which is a large collection of the websites hosted on the web
servers all over the world. Visit our hosting page for prices.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design ranges from logos, posters. magazines and many more. Genesis is
priding itself on its designs to its clients. visit our graphic design page for more info.

Promotional videos

We do promtional videos which is part of our Branding services to the client. Videos are loaded
to youtube or any other video website to enhance online marketing and establish the identity
of the company.


Branding is not only your logo but also your business name. Great names evoke intrigue, savvy
and class, and tell customers a lot about who you are. When you begin the branding process,
think first about your name. Next, envision an image that works with that name. Finally, create a
byline, which is a short sentence that describes who you are or what you stand for.

Social Media

There’s a lot of reason as to why a certain company needs social media marketing and it will
depend on different factors like company profile, the products, and the customers that it is
catering to. As the days go by, I would say there is also an increase when it comes to the
importance of social media marketing that is very effective for most companies.

Digital Printing

We offer digital printing to our clients. Based on the quantity and quality of printing, visit our
digital printing page - It must be on paper!

I.T Support

We offer technical and network support for all our web design, graphic design and branding
companies. We become your one stop company for digital expertise.

I.T Training

We provide training and consultation in Joomla and Wordpress Training. Visit our page
for more info.

Consulation for business development

We draft executive summaries for small business to identify them in the business world.