Website Packages


As a business owner without a website you are starting to feel a sense of urgency - everybody else have websites and you don't! You need to get an Internet presence quickly!

Luckily our unique approach to small business web design means that your Business Website can be up and running in no time.

Our design and development team specializes in creating effective and attractive web sites using the latest technology. Whether it's a small static web site or a large content management solution, we have the experience to provide you with a high-quality, secure and professional looking web site.


Before any web design project is started, we conduct market-related research to ensure that your website is designed in-line with your industry. As you know your industry best, we will also consult with you to get an idea of how you perceive your industry.


Of equal importance to the aesthetic appeal of your website, is the functionality. It is imperative that your website is well laid out and that it is easy for a visitor to navigate their way around your site.

Website Design

  • Website Format
    Once we have determined the content of your web site we can then decide on the best format to display that information. For example, if the content of your web site is not likely to change very often, a static site developed using HTML will probably be the best option, however if the information you need to convey will change on a regular basis, a dynamic site with a database could be a more cost effective option.
  • Text Content
    Obviously you know your business better than we do, however, we do have the editorial skills to polish your text making it more suitable for effective presentation on the internet.
  • Images
    The internet lends itself to displaying a combination of text and graphic and photographic images. We will design any necessary graphic images and can will also optimize any photographs to make them suitable for display on the internet.
  • Interactive Content
    Depending on your requirements we will develop interactive content for your website. This can include enquiry or order forms, discussion forums, guestbooks and other means of getting feedback from visitors to your web site.
  • Multimedia Content
    Again this depends on your requirements, but we can add multimedia content in the form of sound, animation and video to your web site.
  • Domain Name Registration
    In order to have a presence on the internet ideally you need your own domain name, for example or There are a number of options you can choose from when it comes to selecting a domain name and we will assist you in choosing one that is suitable for your business and register it on your details. We will visit the best website for your domain registration.
    Website Hosting

    We will guide you in selecting the most cost effective option that will provide all the options necessary to meet the design requirements of your web site.